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Training for the Front
Drunken Revelry
Gruesome Celebration
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Truth Buried & Reburied

In the months prior to October 1917, most of Belgium had experienced the “heaviest rains in 30 years”. This would make conditions even more difficult for the cold and now wet soldiers on the battlefields given that firm ground was non-existent. Relentless attacks and high explosive shelling took their toll on the soldiers and many of the missing and severely wounded were lost and buried in the mud.

A century later, both Dean and Robert visit monuments and museums, only to discover that the reality of war is best uncovered by dirty hands.

Canada's Story

Robert wants to understand what George went through – to “get into his boots.” He travels to Hill 62 at Sanctuary Wood, Belgium, to find the spot where George fought and was wounded.
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New Zealand's Story

Dean steps onto the new Allied front line of October 1917. At Gravenstafel Spur the ‘iron harvest’ uncovers a hidden truth, but Thomas O’Gorman’s grave is just out of reach.
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