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Dead Voices from the Ground

The ruined landscape that greeted the soldiers in 1917, is now pristine and well kept. Early advances on the nearby land in October 1917, yielded a false confidence that led commanders to continue their push forward, despite the heavy rains and human loss.

The New Zealand Division were thrown hard into the first advance, on October 12th, while Canadians awaited their fate behind the lines.

Canada's Story

Robert visits Tyne Cot, the largest British/Commonwealth cemetery in the world. It’s white pristine crosses and manicured lawns honour the glorious dead – too clean for the horror that lies beneath. Robert also visits the Vladslo German War Cemetery, where he sees the famous statues of the “Grieving Parents”. It is a smaller cemetery than that of Tyne Cot, yet it holds more than double the amount of dead soldiers.
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New Zealand's Story

Dean walks the sacred ground of Flanders’ fields and tries to comprehend the events of October 12th, 1917 -- the most disastrous day in New Zealand history.
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