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Dean’s Own War
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The Final Journey

Canadian troops arrived in mid-October, 1917 to re-gain the advance that had killed so many New Zealanders. Canadian Commander Sir Arthur Currie, carefully prepared his plan of attack and worked to rebuild the shattered roads, tramlines and gun pits, prior to the battle.

The Canadian offensive began on October 26, and the Passchendaele ridge was won exactly two weeks later – but at a great cost of more than 16,000 Canadian casualties. The ground that was won, was given up again only four months later.

Canada's Story

Progressing from an old pencil map, drawn by a soldier friend to illustrate where George was buried, Robert uses a German map from the time, to find exact coordinates on a modern map. Eventually, Robert discovers the present burial spot, in a farmer's field near a busy highway.
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New Zealand's Story

The flame burns still at Passchendaele Church, the final objective of the disastrous campaign. Dean’s DNA test results are an emotional reminder of the national trauma of the war.
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